Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm living for the weekend. Really.

So, I'm really glad I've got a job and all. It's nice to have income. And beggars certainly can't be choosers. But I can't say I'm sorry it's just for the summer. Working in a warehouse is not an enjoyable activity. Mostly what I do is picking, which means I get a list of pairs of shoes and where they are, go find them, and put them on a cart to be packed. It's really monotous, but you have to pay attention to a whole bunch of numbers at once (location, how many of each pair you need, which spot in your cart they go), so you can't even let your mind wander to more interesting topics. And I'm not even good at it — we get incentive pay if we pick over a certain percentage (I'm not sure of what, exactly), and the percentage I'm supposed to be at is something like 70 or 80 right now (I'd have to check to make sure; it goes up the longer you've been doing it), and I'm consistently making the high 50s or maybe low 60s. And I'm going as fast as I can. I really don't understand how people get 100% and more; my cart would be a wreck if I tried to go that fast, and I'd spend all my time running mispicks, erasing any time I might've gained.

On the other hand, this week, they've started having me do other things, which is nice. I'm not sure if it's because they have too many pickers, or not enough people doing other things, or because I just royally fail at picking, or perhaps some combination of these things. Either way, I'm not complaining. Sunday night I did ticketing for a while, where you put price stickers on boxes for the stores you're shipping them to, and it was way easy; I'd do that anytime. And then a little bit Monday night and almost all of Tuesday night I did DTS (direct to ship), throwing boxes on conveyor belts. It's kind of tiring, especially if you do it for a long time (even the little, light boxes get irksome once you've picked up a couple thousand of 'em), and Wednesday morning especially, I was one giant ache. But it's the kind of ache that will eventually go away, once those muscles get used to being used. And the cool part is, my numbers Tuesday night doing DTS were 126%. Yeah. That happened. So I really hope they let me do that more often, 'cause I could make some serious cash doing that.

Okay, going to bed now. Night, all — er, morning, that is...

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