Tuesday, November 28, 2006

busy weekend

Let's see, where to start....

...was pretty great. Yummy food, and LOTS of people. My awesome Aunt Lori and her family showed up unexpectedly from Minnesota, and my siblings were here with their clans, plus some other random relatives and people, making for quite the houseful. And omg so many kids! In all, there were 9 people under the age of 14. Most of them are 8 or younger. It was insane. But fun. I spent the better part of three hours holding my niece Elise, who is 10 months old and the sweetest baby in the world. My arms complained like hell afterward, but I didn't mind. I don't get to see her very often.

And holy crap, I have to say, it is nothing short of amazing how fast kids get older. My cousin Josh is a freshman in high school, and his voice changed since the last time I saw him. When he said hi I nearly fell over backwards. And all the younger ones I remember as babies, and now half of 'em are in school! Insanity...

Moving on...

Friday Night
....after the family fun mentioned above, I moseyed on down to Greensburg for some good fun with Kim and Mia. Pretty standard; we rented RV and had popcorn. Mia's new beau was there, and I would say more about him, but he didn't talk. So I really can't form an opinion there.

Then Saturday I hung around with Kim some more. I went with her and her family to Thanksgiving dinner at her grandma's house, which was delectable and wonderful, and spent some more time holding a baby, this one one of Kim's cousins, I believe. Another sweetheart, though she had a cold and sneezed all over my sweatshirt. It was good fun. I do so love having two families.

And then....

Saturday Night
....my mom came and picked me up from Kim's house and we went to Cincinnati to see Bob Seger in concert! It was excellent, great show. He played some stuff off his new album, which sounds great, and of course, a bunch of old favorites. Two encores. I yelled myself hoarse.

Mom had us a room at a nearby hotel, because she travels for work and apparently has about twenty zillion Marriott points, so we went there, and when we got to the room we decided we wanted pizza. Well all the pizza places were closed, it being 12:30 am, so she got the bright idea to walk across the parking lot to the Waffle House instead. She regretted it as soon as we were inside, but I actually enjoyed myself immensely. Probably the most unsanitary eating establishment I've ever seen, and the entire meal was spent in a cloud of cigar smoke, but just listening to the employees banter with each other and a couple regulars was enough entertainment for me. I was quite amused.

And then there was.....

....during which we came home and put up Christmas lights. Somehow, despite my severe hatred of heights, I always end up being the one scrambling around on the roof. But it was fun, in a perverse and terrifying sort of way, and the lights look very nice, so I'll say it was a success.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

wtf mate?

I'm speechless.

Seriously, wtf?


I just saw an ad on Comedy Central for "Guys Gone Wild." :o That's just so...wrong....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Praire Home Co—wtf?

So I just finished watching Prairie Home Companion with my mom. I like the radio show on NPR; it's usually quite amusing. The movie, while it definitely had its amusing moments, was just, well, weird. Honestly. I can't think of a better word for it.

WARNING SPOILERS OMG!!! Like any of you care.

Seriously folks, the angel of death walking around backstage? Who thinks of these things? What does that have to do with Prairie Home Companion? And the old guy randomly dying, okay, I can kind of see that fitting with the rest of the movie; he's old, it's part of life, okay, okay, I get it. But still. wtf? And the Axeman getting killed at the end---it didn't do anything! The show still got canceled! That was so pointless, wtf? That's really all I can say. And the end was just weird.


So yeah, overall, the whole thing just seemed, idk, off. The humor was there, and the characters were well done for the most part. But the plot (what meager plot there was) seemed to go nowhere, and made no sense. Just left me feeling off. Worth seeing, I suppose, but expect no greatness.

And now for something completely different, a few other random bits I feel the need to share:

There's supposed to be a meteor shower tonight. I was all excited. So I go out to scope out the conditions in preparation, and it's cloudy as hell. We are not amused.

My cousin Dylan is here to play with Michael. He'll be staying all night and most of tomorrow. Somehow, my memory never quite manages to capture his extreme brand of annoying. We are further not amused.

On the bright side though, praise whatever gods may be for two-ply toilet paper. May its glory be forever known.

And, yeah. I'm off to go forage for a snack. On that note, I must say, it's pretty sad when you come home for break and find yourself missing the food from the caf.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm home!

I'm HOME. Oh my goodness you have no idea how wonderful it is.

A few reactions here, in no particular order....

-My cat is here. Dear god he got fat! Apparently he's been healthying up while I've been away---his ribs aren't sticking out anymore! And he's all sleek and healthy and pretty-looking---oh I love my kitty!

-My room is wet. Yeah, the basement flooded again this week while Mom was away, and I guess Dad discovered it when he was here feeding the cat, so he followed standard procedure and turned up the heat and set up the fans and all that jazz, but, yeah. Apparently it was bad; there was actually standing water in some places this time, not just damp carpets. There's still a puddle in the hallway, and the carpets are still squishy in places, and it all stinks like wet basement. Except for my room, where apparently the cat pee smell never fully went away, and now it's back in force. Mom said she's calling the carpet cleaning people once we get it dried out. It's about time, is all I can say there. On the plus side, since I wasn't home, my room was fairly tidy, so not a lot of stuff on the floor to get damaged.

-I have a real couch again! Not the crummy one in the suite with wooden arms, no, a real, smooshy, comfy couch that I can sprawl out on while watching TV (and which has become my bed once more until the basement is livable again). I don't think I can fully describe to you my love of this couch.

-I have a piano. Right here. In the living room. I can play it anytime I want, provided nobody's trying to sleep. I don't have to bundle up and trek across campus, it's right here. I'm staring at it as I type. *contented sigh*

-The highway is noisy! I didn't realize how much I missed it until I was listening to it while trying to sleep last night. I mean, the trains in Galesburg are okay, but really, there's no substitute for constant semi traffic in your front yard. I almost couldn't sleep for the joy of listening to it. Yeah, I'm weird, you'll get over it.

-No cable TV. Mother, tell me, what is the point of having a television if you only get five channels? Honestly. When I go to Dad's there will be satellite TV, but no internet. Oh, teh horrorz!

Anyway, in short, I'm glad to be home. I mean, I love college and all, but, in the immortal words of our favorite ditzy fairy, there's no place like home.

In other news, Thanksgiving is on Thursday! This year, I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity to go to college, all the awesome people I've met there, and for the fact that I'm home until New Year's! I am loving my life right now.

That said, I am a bit worried though about the dinner itself. I mean, I love all the side dishes and everything, but, let's be honest here folks, Thanksgiving dinner is all about the turkey. And this year, thanks to my new dietary habits, I don't plan on eating the turkey. My brother-in-law is going to give me a hard time. My sister might as well, and likely my older brother. I come from a family of very committed carnivores. I hope they don't make an issue out of it, because they might. Especially Shane, if he's in the right mood. He does that sometimes. But oh well. I'm looking forward to it anyway.

And after that, IgettogotoGreensburgandseeKimandMiaohmygodit'sgonnabeaweseome!!! *ahem* Yes. Greensburg. Kim and Mia. Awesome.

And then, my mumsy dearest, being the wonderful mumsy dearest that she is, is taking me to see Bob Seger in Cincinnati. I am so glad I'm not from there, because I would never be able to spell that place properly. But I digress. Bob Seger. In concert. 'Twill be grand.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....I think I must plan a Huntington roller-skating extravaganza for sometime this week. I'm thinking Tuesday afternoon/evening or sometime Wednesday---invite whoever I can dig up from the old C'bury crowd, head over to West Park and skate and maybe catch a movie or something, and maybe a trip to Pizza Junction---just some good, clean fun, in true me style. All you C'bury people reading this, I'M TALKING TO YOU. So whaddaya say?

And, yeah. That's all I got. Holy crap this has gotten to be a long journal. Peace out.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


There is fornication going on outside my door as I sit here typing. As in, practically against my door. They keep bumping into it.

I hope they're done soon; I have to pee.


So that was last night. Now today, my roommate just came in a little bit ago and noticed that her bed was all messed up. I'd assumed that was from her sleeping in it, but no, apparently she stayed over someplace else last night. And she found a note on her desk saying, "Hey, I was the one who woke up in your room. I took some pants. I'll return them." Said note was unsigned, and Sarah (my roomie) doesn't know who it was. She suspects it might've been the girlfriend of the guy across the hall, the ones I got to listen to last night. But she doesn't know. So now I get to wonder, who the hell came in and slept 10 feet away from me without my knowing it?!! That's the last time I go to bed without checking to make sure the f*cking door is locked. Sheesh.


Those pants she took---yeah they were totally mine. Bugger.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

I give up!

Okay, so this whole NaNoWriMo thing is not working out. Seriously. It's just this huge spew of verbal diarrhea. Not even 1/4 done and I hate my characters, hate my plot, hate the whole fucking thing. And I can't stay away from the forums. Yeah, I'm an addict.

Idk, I just don't think I'm ready for a large-scale project like that yet. I'll stick with my short stories and poetry for awhile yet, maybe actually finish that 100-theme project by New Years, that would be cool. And maybe I'll go back to the "novel" another day.

I do think it would've made a good story, but I honestly can't bear to rush through it like that. My writing is always a painstaking process, even for school. I've never been able to go the whole write-a-rough-draft-and-revise route; I edit as I go, and I have to get it damn near perfect or I can't move on. This means that pretty much anything I write is a one-draft project, as there's very little revising involved, but it also means there's no way I'm finishing something of this magnitude in a month. Not a fucking chance.

Moving on.....I'm ill. Meh. My mother bribed me to get a flu shot by promising me tickets to see Bob Seger in Cincinatti later this month, so yesterday morning I went and got one. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, developed a headache around supper time, and now my nose is running. Dammit, I don't get sick, I don't need a shot to fucking MAKE me sick!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


So, we all know by now, Saddam got the death penalty. No surprise there. A little more surprising is the fact that he's supposed to die by hanging. That's old school right there.

Now, I don't support the death penalty. I just want to put that out there. I don't think killing people solves anything. Even if somebody really really really deserves it, I think it's dangerously arrogant for man to give himself the power of life and death over his fellow man. And I'm not even religious.

That said, I'm not going to advocate mercy for Saddam. Whether or not he deserves it, we all know he's not going to get it, so it would be a waste of time. And quite honestly, I can't say with any certainty that I think he should be spared. I'm glad the choice wasn't up to me, that's all I'm saying.

What bothers me though, is the way people are celebrating this. I was watching The Daily Show last night, getting my daily dose of fake news, as per usual, and as you'd guess, Jon Stewart was talking about this. Making jokes. Laughing. And the audience was laughing right along, because he's Jon Stewart and he's fucking hilarious. I could go into a long bout of hero-worship right now, but I'll spare you.

But my point is, yes, Saddam was not a nice person. He was responsible for countless deaths of innocent people. We know this. But think about it guys---we're laughing at someone's death. He was a ruthless dictator, but he was also a human being. He was a kid once. He probably went outside to play and collected bugs or something. That's complete speculation, but you get my point. A real, live person. Snuffed out. And we laugh. We celebrate.

I'm not saying he deserves life. I'm not even saying he deserves to be mourned. But laughter?

And now I just know somebody's gonna be like, omg lookit the pinko liberal's in love with Saddam!!1twentythree! Well, stfu. You and I both know that's ridiculous.

Monday, November 6, 2006


In case the title wasn't enough to warn you of such, I suppose I should warn you that there's some explicit content ahead. Then again, if you're seriously offended by such things, you probably wouldn't be reading my journal anyway.


Fuck shit damn hell fuckity fucking fuck. Shitsticks. Assbucket fucktard. Damn dirty fuckface slipshod shitbiscuits. Goddamn asshat cunt fuck bitch. Craptastic. Shit.


I really should work on my cursing skills.


I am in the strangest sort of mood just now. I feel like running outside screaming with laughter and at the same time, violently beating and defenestrating small, furry animals. And on top of all that is an overwhelming feeling of bemusement.

And the funny thing is, there's no discernable reasoning behind any of it. I think perhaps it may be a cumulative effect of many combined factors. Let's see.....

-I've been watching football today (Bears lost, but the Colts kicked the Pats' collective ass, 8-0, baby!) and that in itself does not make me upset, but the fact that the TV's been on, and specifically on a local network, means I've been hearing those awful political ads everyone's been raving about lately. And holy hell am I glad I'm not from Iowa. These guys are awful. No shame, even for politicians' standards. And I was reading some articles yesterday about other awful ad campaigns around the country this year. Have we, as a nation, no shame? Honestly. Just the fact that they're spending the money to run these things means that obviously, somebody thinks they're working. I weep for the future of our nation. Not that I wasn't already, but now even more. I'm moving to Canada.

And now I wish I didn't like living here so much, so I could actually carry out that threat.

-The heat in this building is seriously fucked up. We called maintenence because of the absolute FREEZINGNESS, so the guy came and apparently couldn't find anything wrong (so he said), but he did some dicking around with a waterbottle (yeah, I have no idea how these heaters work, but I'm pretty sure there must be a mouse on a wheel and one of those ball-rolling-down-a-chute-things somewhere.) and the next day, lo and behold, we had HEAT! *le gasp* So that was all well and good. Except then for three days it proceeded to be boiling hot in here. As in, I couldn't sleep, because I kept waking up drenched in sweat. And now, it's cold again. Really cold. I'm gonna fucking kill somebody pretty soon.

-I just got caught up on three weeks' issues of Time Magazine. I'm pretty sure we're doomed to die in a nuclear holocaust. Now don't get me wrong, I like Time Magazine. But the one issue I just finished was from just after North Korea tested their nuclear whatever-the-hell-it-was, and....yeah. I dunno how people did it during the Cold War, putting up with the constant possibility of getting nuked into next century. Or rather, out of existence. Not that I see this as a currently overly pressing threat; I mean, ever since the advent of nuclear technology, there's always been the possibility that somebody who doesn't like us will get some and use it against us. I don't think North Korea's going to just up and nuke us for no reason. But still. I don't know. I just really don't want the world to end just now, ya know? *sigh*

-Quizilla sucks big hairy balls. I mean, it's always been kind of on the cheesier side whiny-whoredom, but there used to be some decently entertaining shit on there upon which to waste my time, which balanced it out. Well I hadn't visited for awhile (for a long while, apparently), so I dropped by and found a whole lot of SHIT. And some crap. And a little horse manure. And more shit. That's pretty much it. Great. There goes one of my perennial time-wasting favorites.

-I'm suffering technology withdrawal. And it's only been four days. And I'm not even going cold turkey (as evidenced by this very journal); I'm still checking my messages a lot more than I'm sure is strictly necessary, I'm just not replying to any but the most important things, and I'm not on the forums. And I'm not surfing random Facebook groups for long periods of time. And I hate it. Meh. I want my forums! Fuckin' hell.

-It's past eleven on Sunday night; I have't done my reading for FP tomorrow and have no desire to start it, I'm 8000 words behind shedule on my NaNoWriMo novel and 2000 words in I'm already sick of two major characters, I didn't do my laundry today and have exactly two pairs of clean underwear left, and I fucking don't want to go to bed! Why do I have to have class tomorrow? WHY?!!! Shit. Shit shit shitty shitty fuck damn shit.

I think I'll pull another all-nighter tonight. Just for shits and giggles. Then I can fall asleep in Intro to Lit tomorrow AGAIN. That'll really impress the teacher. I could go into a really long rant on that topic just now, but I won't. What is said on the internet has a funny way of not staying put. Suffice it to say, that paper was not C material, and laughing at your own unfunny jokes does not constitute teaching.


Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Well friends, the glorious month of November is now upon us, as the more observant among you may have noticed, and with this lovely new beginning, I have but one thing to say to you all:


That's right, November brings with it the joys of NaNoWriMo, in which I am participating this year, which means I may be rather scarce 'round these parts for awhile. In the name of minimizing distractions, I'm swearing off the forums entirely (dear sweet Jesus, what am I doing?), and will likely be checking my messages here only intermittently. Same with my Facebook and Myspace. (If I die of technology withdrawal, I will everything to my cat. He'll know what to do with it.) School email will be checked daily, and Hotmail probably regularly as well, for those of you who know me irl and may actually need to get ahold of me for some reason, but beyond that, consider me vanished.