Sunday, October 29, 2006


*has just spent the last three hours being an internet stalker* Ya know what guys? I am a weird and creepy person and no one should ever talk to me, ever.

Anyway, that said, a long and convoluted train of links, stemming originally from my internet stalking and then wandering to many strange and wonderful places in the swampy backwaters of internetland, led me to this Straight Dope message board thread from 2002, started by a guy who wanted some advice on how to start believing in God. I was generally impressed by the level of rational discourse on both sides of the question (something that seems to be rare at times on dA's own beloved forums), but one response kind of grabbed my attention:

How can you just all of the sudden believe in something? How does that work?

Just try it. As was suggested, start talking to God. When you doub that there is no God, ignore that doubt, and hope that there is. Envision whatever God you want to believe in. Form an internal relationship with him, as if he was a real person that listens to your concerns and helps you out. Pretty soon, the belief will stick. The important part is to work God into those parts of your life that are emotionally important to you so that God and those experiences seem inseperable. That's what really makes a belief stick.

Maybe it's just me, but that kind of sounds like, idk, some sort of self-brainwashing, more than anything else. Wasn't it Lenin who said, "A lie told often enough becomes truth"? Am I wrong in thinking that it somehow applies here? Not to offend the religious by saying it's all a lie, but it's the same principle, no? I mean, I could follow her same technique, except pray to purple people on Mars; my belief, if I made a wholehearted effort to construct one, would be no less sincere, but I think we can all agree that there are no purple people on Mars. So where does that leave the God-believers? Again, please know I'm not trying to offend here, just a bit of my own musings. I would be interested if anybody wants to share their thoughts on the topic though.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

thoughts on Our Town

Just got back from seeing the mainstage production of Our Town. Bloody depressing, that was. Good though. I find it a bit ironic that I was actually in this play at OA, but still never actually saw the whole thing, or knew what happened at the end. Having three bit parts, I spent a lot of time changing my outfits, rearranging my hair, and sometimes being a nuisance in the light booth, 'cause that's how I roll.

But anyway, yeah, good show. I was amused that they actually had guys for the baseball players (I was one at OA), but girls in (what I thought were) parts where guys were more necessary. Just my thoughts though. The casting seemed pretty decent, though I must say, their Stage Manager couldn't hold a candle to Steve Hammoor. And their Mrs. Soames was certainly good, but she just wasn't Maria LaRosa. But then again, who is?

And nobody burst out laughing at the part about the heliotrope. So sad.

But anyway, I digress, as nobody on here has the slightest idea what the hell I'm talking about, so I'll shut up now.

There's something wrong with the doorknob on my dorm room---it'll open from the inside, but not the outside. I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing. So I guess we'll have to call maintenance. If we get charged for this, I'm gonna be so pissed....

Monday, October 23, 2006


So, I just got back from the BEST SUNDAY EVER. That's right. Better than yours, by far. What, you may ask, made my Sunday so wonderfully awesome and grand? Well, I'll tell you---I went to *drumroll please* Six Flags. The one by Chicago. 'Twas a school-sponsored thing; they hired one of those charter buses that is really a school bus with a sticker bearing the word "CHARTER" pasted over the word "SCHOOL" and hauled a load of us to Six Flags to go to Fright Fest. We paid $15 for transportation and admission, (beat that bitchez!!!) and I spent under $20 on food, making it the cheapest day at an amusement park in the history of the world. It was also 45 degrees, making it the coldest, but that also meant the lines were incredibly short.

And, *longer drumroll, if you please* I went on roller coasters. Here, I'll repeat that: I went on roller coasters. Please note the intentional use of the plural in that sentence. Not just one, but....yeah actually I lost count. And not wimpy ones either; the big ones. There was nothing I wouldn't do. It was grand. I almost bought a couple of the pictures just so people would believe I actually did 'em, but ten bucks a pop? No thanks. They weren't even that great of pictures. I don't remember the names of all of them, but I know I went on Raging Bull, American Eagle, Superman Ultimate Flight, The Viper (changed to Snakes on a Train for Fright Fest), The Demon, Iron Wolf (standing up, whoa), and the Batman one, among others. So I won't say I'm addicted yet, but I've certainly come a long way from Kim and Mia twisting my arm to go on The Beast over the summer at PKI. I was proud of myself.

'Course, now my back hurts, and I have a feeling more than that is going to hurt when I get up tomorrow (if I get up tomorrow), especially after that bus ride home, curled up and hunched over my bookbag, trying to sleep with my head banging against the window every five seconds, but it was definitely worth it. Great times.

Oh, and, I now have the most awesome hat hair in the history of the world. I wore my sweet knit hat from Stratford, and I'll just say this: when I put the hat on this morning, my hair was parted in the middle, and now the part is somewhere over my left ear. And of course, there are random bits sticking out everywhere. I would take a picture, but my $4 masterpiece-maker is out of film, so I won't. Ah well. I had an awesome day.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

V for V-what now?

So I borrowed my roommate's copy of V for Vendetta and curled up with some quality mending for a quiet Friday night in the dorm. I know, I know, the excitement of my life overwhelms even me sometimes. Anyway, so yeah, I'd not seen the movie before, and I'll say, it was decent. I dunno about rave-worthy, as so many of my friends seem to think, but decent. The Bush-Cheney parallels seemed apparent in all their wonderful sliminess, although I actually found that distracting me from the actual movie. Kind of like I remember thinking when I read Animal Farm---when the allegory's too apparent, it distracts you from what's actually going on. Well, me anyway. I can't really speak for you, I guess. I'd really like to get my hands on a copy of the book (book, graphic novel, comic book, whatever the hell it is) just to see how different it is, because I seem to remember hearing that a lot of stuff got changed.

Anyway, a few things I just have to point out:

-Good god Natalie Portman, put a bra on! Shit, I thought she was gonna poke somebody's eye out there.

-The whole slo-mo fight scene in the subway station was both cheesy and disgusting. I'm sorry, I know it was the same people that did the Matrix, so I should be expecting such things, Sorry, I'm just not a fan.

-Where did she get those roses to put around the body?

-And wait, I thought glasses girl got killed?!!

-Oh, and the Rolling Stones' Street Fighting Man over the end credits? Whoa shock. I think I like it though....Good song.

And yeah. That's about all I got on the subject.

On a completely unrelated note, click here to see Stephen Colbert sing. Kind of a long clip, but worth it, I assure you.

Monday, October 16, 2006

ballroom blitz!

Haha, I totally just got that song stuck in your head, didn't I? Anywway, yeah, I had a great weekend. Tiring, but fan-bloody-tastic, if I do say so myself, and I do. On a totally unrelated note, I also just found the literary word I was thinking of earlier that describes words such as "fan-bloody-tastic," "abso-fucking-lutely," and the like. It is "tmesis." I love Wikipedia.

Anyway, back to the weekend, there was a ballroom dancing competition at U of I, to which we went ("we" being people from the ballroom club here at school, obviously lol). We had some interesting misadventures with the transportation, as one of the vehicles broke down on the side of the highway on the way down, and another driver got a speeding ticket on the way back up, but aside from that, it was a good time.

I competed in a bunch of beginner-level things, and my partner and I placed sixth in Beginning Foxtrot group B. Admittedly not the most prestigious award, but I honestly wasn't expecting to get anything, as I only started dancing a month ago. And it was all around just a really great time. We got to watch a lot of really awesome dancing (and some not-so-awesome dancing as well), and we went out for Greek food, and it was just a fun group thing. And hell, we got off campus. That in itself seems to be a feat for me lately.

I currently have to write two huge papers this week. Ah college. So I'm off to go watch some quality TV. Later!


Forgot to say earlier, don't ya just hate it when you say something dumb and it comes back to bite you in the ass? See, in a class discussion maybe a week or so ago, I made some offhand, flippant remark about Catholicism, which probably wasn't the brightest, most sensitive thing to say, but nothing awful, ya know.....well anyway, I found out a couple days ago that the teacher of said class is Catholic. *headdesk* I like this teacher! And the thing is, it wasn't a huge comment or anything, so I don't even know if anybody remembers it but me, so it's not like I wanna go apologize for something nobody else remembers, but---gah! I suppose it would not help matters any if I said I thought he was too cool to be Catholic. *sigh* Me and my mouth.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

lazy day

I just love days where I sit around doing nothing. I had to work this morning, and then after that I came back to my room and have been sitting here ever since. I screwed around for awhile making a new lit tag, which I think is quite pretty. Better than the old one anyway. Yep, me and my mad MS Paint skillz....

I would go outside, just to do something un-lazy, 'cause it's a really pretty day, but it's also fucking cold! I swear to god, I saw snowflakes on the way to work. Only a few, but they were there! I kinda wish they'd turn the heat on in here.

Anyways, I don't wanna go outside now, 'cause I'm all snuggled up under my jacket and I just got warm. So I'm just gonna chill here and listen to Arlo Guthrie, and before you say anything, just shut up, 'cause he's great. Probably most famous for his "Alice's Restaurant Massacree," which is 18 minutes of pure awesome, and a family tradition to listen to at my dad's house every Thanksgiving. Hilarious, I tell you. But I've got a greatest hits collection on my comp, and the rest of it is pretty good too, all mellow and relaxing. I enjoy it immensely.

And that's gonna be my afternoon. Pretty sweet. I may see if I can't get some new writing done, as I desperately need to. I've been slacking a lot lately. And then at six-ish I'm going to watch Prince of Egypt with my roommate and some of her pals, and then at eight I'm going to go practice ballroom in my awesome new shoes. And if I feel ambitious, I might even do some homework.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

disconnected scraps of thought

The oral part of my Spanish midterm was this morning. I think it went better than expected, although I can't be sure until I see the grade. The prof said I did a good job, but I can't tell if he's one of those teachers who'll just tell you that and then still end up giving you a C. I hate that. But anyway, I thought it went well. My pronunciation was kick-ass, if nothing else.

My ballroom dancing shoes that are the right size arrived in the mail today, which is good, because I'm going to a competition on Saturday, and shoes are kind of, ya know, necessary for that.

I have bell choir this evening. It's going to be grand.

I've just discovered Relient K. Or rather, the one CD of theirs that is on my computer because my friend said it was good so I put it on here three months ago and am just now getting around to listening to it. I didn't think I'd like 'em, 'cause aren't they a Christian band or something? But this CD is pretty good. So far I don't hear too very much in the way of religiosity, though I'm not actively listening or anything. I'll go look up lyrics later.

~*EDIT*~ Okay so there's a lot of religious stuff in the lyrics. It's catchy music though. Me gusta mucho.

Monday, October 9, 2006

sundry weekend items

So, I braved up and went to another party Saturday night. It was at TKE, and it was pretty good. 'Twas retro-themed, so they actually threw in maybe half a dozen decent songs 'mongst the gangsta rap and stripper music. I had fun dancing, though the constant spillage of alcohol made it rather perilous, not only for the well-being of my attire but also for my ankles, as the dance floor became increasingly slippery. I do wish they'd make a rule about having drinks on the dance floor; I mean, I don't know how many times I got splashed with somebody's beer. I was getting a little ticked after awhile. At one point, they had this little raised stage in the middle of the floor that people were dancing on, and I found myself right next to it, and this guy was dancing on it, holding his beer right above my head, and with every move he made he sloshed some out of the cup and onto me. So I turned around, grabbed ahold of his arm, and turned him around, so he'd quit. I'm not sure if he even noticed, to be quite honest, but it made me feel better. And as the night wore on, the crowd got bigger, the people got drunker, and the likelihood of being trampled and/or crushed rose rather quickly. So I didn't stay too very late. I got kissed on the cheek by a self-proclaimed "really drunk" guy though; that was interesting. For being really drunk, he was very coherent, and quite gentlemanly.

So yeah, that was my Saturday night. Then Sunday I did laundry and cloistered myself in my room surfing back and forth between the Law & Order: SVU Season 7 Marathon and a couple football games. The Packers lost and the Bears won, and of course, the one game I really cared about, Colts v. Titans, wasn't on TV but I kept checking scores, and they did win, as we all knew they would. 5-0 baby!

And today, you know what I got in the mail? A letter from good ol' C'bury! And guess what they wanted---that's right, money! (honestly, do they ever want anything else?) So I had fun reading that and tossing it in the trash.

And now, I'm off to study for my Spanish midterm---oh, the supreme, unbridled joy. I simply cannot contain my ecstasy.

Monday, October 2, 2006


CHUCK NORRIS IS ON THE TV!!!! Total Gym infomercials ftw!

*ahem* So yeah, I'm finishing my Spanish homework. It's almost 3 am. Oh yeah. But there's a Law & Order SVU marathon that I'm watching as I go, so it's all good.

On a totally unrelated note---THE ROLLERDOME WAS ON THE DAILY SHOW!!! That's right, my Fort Wayne peeps know what I'm talking about. I don't know when it was, but here, check it out-->

And....yeah that's all I got. I'll go finish my homework now.