Thursday, August 24, 2006


Alright everybody, I did it. I made a myspace. Quit looking at me like that. It is here if you'd like to go check it out. I'm very proud of myself; I learned lots of HTML in the process of making it. I didn't even use an entirely premade layout either; I couldn't find one I liked, so I got one I kinda liked, changed the background and colors and some other bits and pieces, and came up with something I do like. I'm probably a lot more proud of that than is strictly warranted, but I couldn't have done it two days ago; I'm mostly computer illiterate, beyond basic school use and net surfing, so I feel accomplished. :D

So....yeah. I got nothin' else just now, so....later!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm so blind.

So my mom and I went to the eye doctor the other day. She's going to get more surgery to enhance the LASIK surgery she had 3 years ago, 'cause her eyes are no longer wonderful-perfect. I told her it's because she's old. She didn't seem too amused. 'Course, I think she oughta be spending the money on getting my eyes fixed, rather than getting hers "touched up," 'cause she can still see. Me without my glasses/contacts is like.....idk, something very very depressingly blind.

Ah well. C'est la vie, I suppose.

I'm thinking about getting a myspace. I mean, I know some people on there, that don't do art or anything so they're not on here, and I kinda.....wanna.....Don't look at me like that!

In other news.....

My fortune is, "Beauty is only a lightswitch away." What's yours?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

shopping overload

Hi all, and how goes it? I can't believe how fast the summer's going. I got back from Florida on Sunday, and that was great fun. Florida, I mean. The getting back was pretty standard. But yeah, Florida, beach, fun-in-the-sun, pretty basic, cool vacay.

So then yesterday was insane---we (my mom and I) were out running errands and such all day; college preparations, ya know. We dropped off my bike at the bike repair place to get it in working order to take with me, and we dropped my laptop off at the jeweler's to get my name engraved on the back so hopefully it won't grow legs at college. Then we went to Wells Fargo and opened two accounts for me, one checking and one savings---it's this college plan thing they've got, where you get the two accounts plus a credit card and a check card, which is pretty handy, but then I also sent in a credit card application Monday, before we found out about that, so now within 10 business days or so, I'll have two credit cards, a check card, and a box of checks with my name on them. Not too bad for a girl who currently uses only cash or the occasional food scrap.

Then after that we went to Fashion Bug to do some prerequisite back-to-school wardrobe perking. They were having their end-of-summer uber-clearance type thing, so we got some pretty sweet deals. I actually got a dress. I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I have it. Including my prom dress, this makes three dresses I've bought since age four, and before that I can't remember, so...yeah. I mean, I like a good twirly skirt, but dresses? Idk I just never wear them.

Anyway, so then we went to Office Depot and got my brother's school supplies, his pencil box and number two pencils and Crayola crayons......ah, third grade. *sigh* Those were the days. :) And we got a dry-erase/bulletin board combo for my dorm room, plus some notebooks and stuff like that for me. I got my very own stapler. It rocks.

Later today we're going to go pick up my laptop and then go to K-Mart or someplace for a lamp and comforter and other stuff for my dorm room, and I think after that my mother may well explode from shopping overload. She's not a fan. At least we got the clothes shopping all done yesterday; she really hates that.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

gorgeous night

So yeah, I'm feeling all contemplative and antisocial this evening. We had Game Night earlier, which was freakin' sweet. Basically it's where a bunch of people from school and a couple teachers go to school and play board games. That's right: willingly going to school in the summer. 'Cause I'm such a rebel like that. But anyway, that was great; we played Tripoley and Pounce, plus a halfhearted attempt at Sardines and then a raging game of Truth or Dare. It was grand. And we caught two bats and set them free outside. I love that there are bats in our school; keeps things interesting. But yeah, so I'm all peopled out for now. I've gotta hang out in the peace and quiet and "recharge," so to speak. But it's all good.

In other news, it's a gorgeous night out. I was driving home from Game Night with all the windows down and the moon roof open and pretending, as I so often do, that I'm in a convertible, and it was so cool---the sky is really clear and you can see a ton of stars, and then north and west of here there's some wicked awesome heat lightning going on. The moon's big and half full and kind of, idk, hazy-looking, orangeish from all the stuff in the air, but it looks really pretty, and it's still awfully humid, but it's cooled off a lot so it's really pretty pleasant out.

I was enjoying it so much that when I got to my house I didn't even stop; I just kept right on going into town, and then I basically drove around the whole perimeter of the town, just outside the city limits where it's mostly woods and stuff, and then back out into the country for awhile on a couple of my favorite county roads. It was so cool, all cornfields and woods and stars, just the noise from my car and the wind in my hair and the singing from all the crickets and night was grand. I came to this one intersection where there were fields on three sides and woods on the other, and there were no other cars and you couldn't see any lights from town or any houses, and it was so pretty; I pulled over and just sat there for a minute, looking at the stars---it was breathtaking, honestly, and I know that sounds cheesy, but it was.

Shortly thereafter, I figured I probably ought to head home, 'cause I was wasting gas for no good reason, and it was getting kind of late....I don't have to worry about curfew anymore, being 18 and all, but still, it's never a good idea to tempt fate; the cops around here are notorious for hassling teenagers whenever possible.

So I moseyed on back to the ranch, as my dear papi would say, and found Dakota awake downstairs watching Fear Factor. Honestly, doesn't that child ever sleep? She stayed up 'til at least five last night watching TV, and Mom said when she got up at eight Dakota was on the computer already. But anyway, so I waved and said I was going to bed and snuck out to the deck in our backyard instead, and here I sit with my trusty laptop. I was gonna go up on the roof, but I can't find the ladder and I don't want to risk stacking chairs in the dark. The light's kind of starting to attract bugs, but besides that, it's pretty nice; there's still a good breeze going, and as I just got through raving about, it is a gorgeous night.

So yeah, that's all I've got for now. The bugs are starting to get to me, so I'm gonna turn this off and watch the lightning for a bit more. Maybe I'll see a shooting star. Night all!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

My head hurts.

....hey look, a journal! O_o

I am so out of it right yeah, my cousin Dakota's here. She's twelve. Sweet kid, but annoying as socks. How annoying are socks, you ask? Very annoying, I tell you. Very very annoying. But she's asleep now. I can deal with kids when they're asleep. It's the awake part that gets me. Where does all that energy come from? It's a hundred fucking degrees outside! Be sluggish, for chrissakes! It's tiring just being in the same room for five minutes!

But as I said, she's asleep now, for which I'm glad. Gives me a chance to do some chillaxing in my pleasantly dim room with my best friends the laptop and the oscillating fan.

Which brings me indirectly to my next point: apparently the whole time I was off road-tripping and suchness, my mummy dear didn't clean out the cat's litter box. Mind you, this has been like, three weeks. And it's right next to my room. So guess whose room smells like litter box?


I have a headache the size of Kansas right now.

Just thought you all should know that.


okay I'm gonna go die now. Night all.