Sunday, June 25, 2006


*sigh of relief* ahhhh okay so my graduation party is over. And I think I'd call it a success. We have about a million tons of food left over, but oh well. I told Mom we should mail it to China, but she didn't think that'd be such a great

But anyway...yeah it was supposed to be a "backyard barbecue," at least, that's what the invitations said, but then we decided to put the food in the kitchen instead of outside, and it was kind of hot out, so it turned into more of a sitting-around-in-the-living-room-ecue, and then some people left and it turned into a my-mom-and-her-friends-drinking-more-margaritas-than-is-strictly-necessary-ecue, and then it turned into a my-mom-and-her-friends-being-pretty-embarassingly-inebriated-ecue, and then somebody showed up with marshmallows and we made s'mores. O_o Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my life. But it was fun anyway.

And then everybody finally left and my mummy dearest and I put away all the perishable food items and set about counting up my loot. I made over $600 in cash and checks, and better than $700 if you count the two gift cards and the prepaid gas card I got. Oh yeah. Pretty freakin' sweet. I told my mom I should have graduation parties more often.

And then I got out the helium tank and sang the Chipmunks Christmas song. :D

So other news, I got a haircut. Which doesn't sound all that surprising, but anyone who really knows me also knows that I haven't had an actual haircut in two years. It was getting pretty insane, all down my back and in the way all the time, and I always wore it up 'cause it was a pain in the ass, so I chopped it off and donated it to Locks of Love (which, by the way, is a free haircut at participating locations---I did not know that). Almost fourteen inches. Went from almost-down-to-my-waist to not-quite-down-to-my-chin. My head feels so strange and light now. I like it. And a bunch of people have been complimenting me on it, so I guess it must be at least somewhat cute. :)

la di da de do do dooooo......

I can't wait 'til Thursday! Kim's coming back up and we're going to pick up my mom in Wisconsin and go camping! :D


Monday, June 12, 2006

*is in shock*

Hey, lookit me, I GRADUATED!!! Wow. Yeah I'm still kind of in shock here guys.

Anyway, now it's down to the lovely business of getting ready for my party. Which, I'm quite calm about the whole thing, but my mother is going berserk. And it's not for like, 2 weeks. Honestly. I have to get up at 7 a.m. tomorrow to vacuum before the carpet cleaning people get here. I asked my mumsy dear if that wasn't a bit redundant, vacuuming the carpets right before the professionals come to clean them, but she just glared at me so I ran away to the other room. It can get rather terrifying when my mummy dearest puts on her angry face.

And besides that, I'm FREE!!! I've got a whole lovely and mainly stress-free summer laid out before me, one last hurrah before I'm off to college. And no, I'm not falling off the face of the earth when I go; yes, there will be more summers to come, but I'm going to make this one special. Yes. I shall. It shall be grand. So there.

So yeah. I think I'm going to go to bed now. It's not even midnight, but I've got some early-morning house-cleaning to do. Oh the joy. So yeah. Later peeps!