Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Okay, so things are finally almost falling into place; they're getting this close, and I am getting so ANTSY!!! The end of this week will be such a glorious release of tension. Like the biggest orgasm in the world. Sorry, I'm enjoying my dirty metaphors today. Anyway, yes, I shall elaborate:

1) THURSDAY IS MY LAST DAY AT SUBWAY!!!!!! Words cannot express to you the utter joy this thought brings to my heart.

2) Today was the final day of my senior internship. Now I just have to finish my journals and go have my final meeting with my advisor tomorrow and I will be all set to graduate! Woo!

3) We finally have my open house invitations. They are here at the house; now we just have to put them in envelopes and address them and send them on their way! With the way my mother has been going on and on about this, it will be such a relief to get them done.

4) On Thursday, I shall clean the house. All of it. Vacuuming, dusting, picking up junk, the works. My mother will love me so much, she'll buy me a monkey. Or maybe not. But it will be wonderful.

5) Kim's graduation party is this weekend, so yours truly shall be heading south on Friday, yay!

But yeah. When Friday afternoon comes, you have no idea how utterly happy I will be. But I have to get there first. ARGH I can't stand the waiting!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

new gadgets and such

So yeah....I think my mother's trying to buy my love.

And I'm LOVING IT!!!!

Anyway, so on Wednesday, we went to Ft. Wayne (the big city; how sad is that) to order my graduation party invitations, because my sister works at Kinko's-FedEx whatever it's called, and can get us a 30% discount. Pretty flippin sweet.

So then after we did that, we went to Best Buy and I'm all like, "What are we doing here?" And she said, "Well you need a laptop for college, right?" Well we had discussed this earlier, and she had seemed pretty set on getting me a desktop, if anything, so it wouldn't "grow legs." Which seemed reasonable, but I really wanted a laptop. So I was all happy and surprised and I'm like, "Okay." So we go in and talk to this salesguy in the computer area who's a real ass, and after a little bit he went off somewhere else, and she was like, "This is ridiculous, I'm not buying ANYTHING from him. Let's go to Circuit City."

So I figured we were leaving, but no, she walks over to the MP3 players instead and starts checking them out, and I asked her what she was doing, and she's like, "Well you've been talking about one of those e-Pod-things for forever; d'you wanna get one?" And I was like, "Well SURE." (C'mon, d'ya really think I'm gonna turn that down?) So we got one; not an iPod, I really have no desire for one; it's a nifty little Phillips doohickey, 30 gigs, and it's got this sweet touch-screen thing instead of just buttons---looks like a James Bond gadget or something.

So THEN we go to Circuit City, and there's a really nice salesguy there, so we bought me a lovely HP laptop with all the wireless-ness and CD/DVD playing/burning/awesome-ness and every other totally awesome thing you can think of (well, enough for me anyway) and a nifty backpack to carry it around in so I don't kill it in my bookbag like we all know I would, me being the super-klutz that I am.

So yeah. It was sweet. And then this evening I had to work, and I had to work with Candace, which I was NOT looking forward to because she has a tendency to be a....well....lazy bitch, that's really the only way to put it. But yeah, she was actually nice, and we got most everything done, which was surprising, considering how goddamned busy it was. DAMN YOU, ROANOKE TOWN-WIDE GARAGE SALE DAY!!!


So yeah I've been playing with my new gadgets the past few days---I got just about all of my gazillion CDs' worth of music put on there so I can carry around one sweet little gadget instead of my discman and my huge honking CD case.....Oh I'm so happy! :D

.....hold on a second.....

Dude there was just a huge car wreck outside my house---there's like, six police cars and an ambulance out there blocking half the highway....glad I'm already here.

Alrighty well I gots ta run now, play some more with my new stuff.

Later peeps!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hello peopleses

Dude.....so yeah, went to C'bury's prom this weekend. It was prom-ish. The music sucked and there were live goldfish used as centerpieces, but I still looked fab and had lots of fun with my pallies, so I *might* forgive them. And I went to a party at Sarah W's house which was great fun.

Anyhoo....Happy birthday to Laura today; go tell her so yourself too 'cause she's awesome and deserves your love. (Go now. DO IT. *pokes you*)

I'd considered jumping on the bandwagon and making one of those "Things I Need to Get Done" journals, but then I figured you all didn't really care that much, and I didn't want to bore you, so suffice it to say I'm working on another short story, possibly two, and they WILL be done SOMETIME THIS YEAR, goddammit... If nothing else I'll do them right after graduation, when I'm feeling inspired by my lack of anything else to do.

Um.....yeah. Gonna go now. Later peeps!

Sunday, May 7, 2006

prom, poetry, paronomasia

Okay so there's really no paronomasia involved in this journal entry, I just needed something else that started with "p." Don't know what it means? Dictionary.com is your friend.

Anyway, yeah. Went to prom at OA on Saturday; it pretty much kicked ass, and I looked stellar in my awesome dress and bling and such, if I do say so myself, and I do. We had dinner beforehand at my friend Mia's house; her dad cooked and it was DELICIOUS. Then we had dessert at my friend Paul's house, which his mom cooked, and it was also DELICIOUS. And we had our after-prom party at Paul's too, with hot dogs and leftover dessert and other snacks, and we played Taboo and Euchre and basically had a blast. Kim and I and somebody else, I think Lisa, had to borrow clothes from Paul 'cause we forgot to bring something to change into out of our dresses, and it was rather comical, seeing as how he's about a foot and a half taller than me so his shorts were down way past my knees.... Anyway, it was great. We didn't get back to Kim's until after 4 a.m. and then we slept like the dead until noon. Good times.

Anyhow.....yeah that's pretty much it. Peace out, peoples.

Monday, May 1, 2006

I'm surrounded by incompetence.

So yeah, I got a meeting w/the stupid a---er, manager---on Wednesday; I'm gonna give him what-for and put in my 2 weeks. Ass. Ah I will so love not having to work there anymore. Although I will certainly miss my (crappy) paychecks. But yes. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. :P

And I should be taking the AP English Language & Comp. exam right now, but somebody *cough ELLER cough* didn't order my exam. Ass. So he has to call the AP people and see if he can get another one and have me take it some other time. Gr. *steams*