Monday, February 27, 2006

good times, good times

So yeah, haven't put up a new journal in a while.....haven't put up a new ANYTHING in a while.....well I'm working on stuff but it's a slow process, cut me some slack here. So yes, on to the not much to write about.

No okay there really is, I was lying. So let's see....last weekend was awesome. Went to a dance w/my Oldenburg pallies, danced my *not-so*-little ass off. :D Had much fun, good times. Spent the rest of the weekend with Kim, also much fun. I'm so glad we're on communicating terms again. *sigh of relief* We had school on Monday, but they (Oldenburg) did not, so I begged and pleaded and made a scientific presentation and basically made an ass of myself and threw away any semblance of dignity I ever may have possessed, and my mother actually agreed to let me skip school Monday---she's also let me put a bumper sticker on the car recently---I think she's growing lax in her old age lol. But anyway, yeah, so that was totally awesome.

Then this week, I finished a huge PowerPoint thing for school in (count 'em) three class periods, and got a good grade on it, wo And alsoot! wrote a 4-page paper in one night for AP English. Hot damn, I'm impressing myself here lately.

Then this weekend that just ended an hour ago (damn it's late....I need to go to bed! but anyway) I did pretty much nothing, hung out at my dad's, stuff.....My brother had our cousin Dylan over; they're 7 and 6 respectively, and Dylan is the devil incarnate, I swear to god---I spent half my weekend chasing them out of my room and beating them off when they attacked me, unprovoked, as I was dozing on the couch. Little hooligans.

In other dad bought a motor scooter. My dad. Bought. A motor scooter. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I guess it makes sense, in an odd, twisted sort, no it doesn't. But whatever. He likes it.

And I bought.....drumroll please.....RENT!!!!! rent rent rentie rentie rent rent rent...DVD and soundtrack. I've listened to the soundtrack twice already, and watched all the special features on the DVD. Yes, I am obsessed. But it's only the BEST EFFING MUSICAL ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!!!!!! .....okay I'll stop now. But it is.

And yeah, that pretty much brings us up to date. I must go sleep now. As they say on the Weekenders, later days!

Sunday, February 5, 2006

good day

YAY I got a gold on my solo at ISSMA! I'm going to State! It was great fun and everybody I listened to sang so wonderfully too! It was a bit sad though, because our ensemble sang a really lovely song, and we sang it really well, but the judge said afterward that that song had been removed from the Group I list so even though we sang it well, we couldn't go on to State. :( I felt so bad for our teacher, she was crying! But we kicked ass anyway, so the stupid list-making people can just go stick their heads in a bucket. We will go to State in spirit!

So yeah, after we left there, my mom was like, Hey, let's go bra shopping!....Ladies and gentlemen, my mother.....but anyway, I got a new one and it's nice. And then we got to go home and do my taxes! Oh the joy! Stupid government, why can't they take out the proper amount the first time? *grumbles*

THEN, we went out for dinner (Casa's, OMG I love that place soooo much) and went to see the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic; they were doing a tribute to Gershwin and they had a couple of singers and this really awesome pianist w/them and it was nifty.

And yeah. It was a good day. Good singing, good food, good music, good fun. Yay!