Monday, December 19, 2005

more randomness

The Colts lost!!!! D: I cried for hours....okay, not really, but still, it IS sad....

So yeah, there's this new guy at work, Stephen, and I just worked with him for the first time today, and he's kinda creepy.....he's like, old, well not OLD, but older than your average fast-food employee, I think he said he was 27....but anyway, he never TALKS.....anyway, I think he's creepy. But he was nothing but nice today, so I don't have anything tangible against him. Whatever.

Also work-related, some guy got totally pissed at me today because I made somebody else's sandwich first, who was apparently in line after was totally an accident, the other guy's sandwich just came out of the toaster oven and happened to get put on the counter before his, so I finished it first, and the guy made a big scene, and I was all apologizing and being all humble and crap, and god I just wanted to jump over the counter and smack the shit out of him....but anyway, I digress. It was minor. He left, and the guy behind him made some comment about what an asshole he had been, and I felt better.

On a more positive note, I had a conversation today with somebody with whom a conversation was desperately needed....I think we're on speaking terms again....which is good.....sorry, long story, lots of drama you lovely peoples really don't need to hear about, but long story short, I feel SO much better now.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....I surreptitiously turned the heat on in my bedroom. Now if I keep the door closed, my mother need never know, and I can once more sleep in my own bed....tee-hee....

Also on the home front, the presents are starting to pile up under the tree! I was afraid I wasn't going to get anything much this year, money being what it is (and isn't) and all, but there are packages (at least one each) at both mum's and dad's with my name on them already, so I'm happy! And I've got all my presents bought and distributed, so I feel good! I love giving out Christmas presents!

Two final exams down, two more to go----after tomorrow, I'm free til January, woo!!! Wish me luck!

Alrighty, well that's all I can think of just now. I'm off to bed---good night, all!

Monday, December 12, 2005

thrills, chills, and....heels!

So, I just had a totally rockin' weekend. Oh yes. The joy. The pain. The wonder of it all. Where to begin....

Well Friday night was pretty standard; I didn't have to work (woo!) so I went to my dad's and we stayed up late watching movies and eating pizza. yum-ness.

Saturday, I hauled my ass out of bed at 8:30 (that's EARLY for me on a Saturday morning, especially considering when I went to bed Friday night) because my mummy dearest said she wanted me to help her go over the schedule for the next *unspecified amount of time*.....she just wanted me there to run and fetch things for her, 'cause she has a broken leg and doesn't like to get up more than she has to---quite understandable. But anyway, when I got there, she was like, "I'm paying bills, go away." (in so many words.) So instead I went SHOE SHOPPING!!! yeah! Because I needed a pair of shoes for the dance that evening, see, and so Goodwill had absolutely nothing in my size, so I went to Shoe Show and found the cutest pair of black heels---I usually don't get excited about shopping or shoes, but you have to understand, these were the height of cute-ness.

So then I had to go to work, 11-3, which I did, and it was pretty standard. Kind of slow, whatever. After that I went and got my lil' bro and took him SLEDDING!!! The end-all, be-all of winter fun-ness. Oh yes. It was glorious. Except for when I went over that one bump and fell off the sled and went skidding face first into snow-filled hay....yeah that kinda hurt....I've got bruises!....but all-in-all, extremely awesome in every way.

Then after THAT, I went home to get ready for the dance, also known as the Winter Holiday Semi-Formal. woo. I went out for dinner with a bunch of people first, which was great fun, and then there was the DANCE. The DJ was pretty good, and I danced....and I danced....and I danced.....I think I sat out maybe three songs the whole night. I fast-danced during a slow song. It doesn't get better than that. And come on, I was wearing a hot-pink feather boa---there was no way I was going to NOT have fun!!!

Then I went home and fell into bed for a measly few hours' sleep, after which I woke up, ate some cold pizza, watched some football (Colts are now 13-0, WOO!!!) and read Hamlet. Joyous.

I'm still aching from Saturday. It was awesome. Woo!!!