Monday, November 28, 2005

the good, the bad, and the totally random


1. OMFG I GOT ACCEPTED TO A COLLEGE!!!! Like, a real, actual college. With a SCHOLARSHIP, no less. WOO!!!! I am like, totally FREAKING OUT!!!!! I've been randomly hugging people (and cats) all day. I even hugged my little brother. That can be lethal.

2. My papi and I did our Christmas decorating at his house today. It was great fun. We now have our lovely lights all strung about the living room and our prettiful little tree to put gifts under. Yay!

3. I got a new avatar!!! Hooray!!! It rocks my freaking socks!


1. My mother is going crazy. Let me explain: As I may have mentioned before, my relatives need to STOP EFFING DYING!!!!!! We went to ANOTHER funeral on Friday, this one for my great-grandma. That makes three this year---my grandpa, my aunt, and now my great-grandma---and these were all CLOSE relatives. My mummy dear has begun having nasty reactions to her millions of prescription medications. We're nose-diving into debt, and add to that next year I'll be off to some expensive college. She and John broke up, but he's still hanging around and I have no effing idea what's going on there, but whatever it is, I'm betting it's stressful. But yeah, all that plus she's a psycho-OCD-totally uptight person to begin with, and I think she's finally going over the edge. She came home the other night and got quite tipsy; my mummy never drinks that much. I found a cigarette in her car. A CIGARETTE. My mother is a respiratory therapist. She is the last person on the face of the planet who would ever smoke. And yet there it was. She's going to this shrink person, but I really don't see that it's helping. She's starting to scare me. Ack.

2. I am never putting up Christmas decorations with my mummy again. She is so BOSSY! ARGH! I know, I know, I should be nice to her, seeing as how I think she's losing her marbles, but she was having a GOOD day today, so I thought we could get along long enough to get the effing Christmas tree put up---yeah right. We spent 2.5 hours just trying to arrange the furniture so we had a place to put it. I could've done it in ten minutes, had it been just me, but NO, we can't decide where to put stuff and THEN move it, we have to move it six dozen times to see how it all looks first---AAARRRGGHHH!!! Long story short, the tree is up but still bare, and I'm not sure my mummy dearest and I are on speaking terms just now.


1. Mi papi and I went out for lunch and had Mexican and it was delicious.

2. The weather is insane. First it's thirty degrees and all snowy and winter-esque, and then it's fifty degrees and rainy. WTF?!!?! Stupid weather.

3. The Bears beat Tampa Bay, but it was really kind of sad, not a very good game. But hey, to (severely) paraphrase our good friend Dr. Seuss, a *win* is a *win* no matter how small!

Alrighty well I must be off to beddy-bye now. Later!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Greetings from the Ice Cave.

Hello, my lovely friends, and how are you? I'll tell you how I am, I'm COLD!!!!!'s snowing today (as Brock mentioned in his journal--> and yes it's beautiful and loverly and all such things (though it would be more so if it was actually sticking), but along with the snow comes the COLD. Which wouldn't be so much of a problem, except my mother has developed a sudden aversion to heating. Something to do with the electric bill. Which I can kind of understand, I guess, but what I think SHE needs to understand is the fact that I am sitting here typing on the computer WITH GLOVES ON. Yes. I am not even kidding. I am wearing big fluffy slippers and a hooded sweatshirt (hood up) and GLOVES, plus my uber-warm flannel jammies. When I go to bed, I wear all these things, and on my bed are the usual sheet and comforter, plus an afghan and two thick fluffy blankets that aren't usually there. Now for most people, this is an indicator that it's time to turn the heat up a notch or two. My mother, it seems, is not most people. basement has turned from The Refrigerator to The Ice Cave. Joyous.

Oy....alrighty, well in other news, I managed to switch hours with another girl at work so I can go see all my lovely pallies in the musical Saturday night---yay!

And I really oughta be working on my short story for Creative Writing instead of this, so I think I'll go now. Later!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

random thoughts

Feeling a bit disjointed today, but here goes....

So yeah, our Subway got robbed a couple weeks ago---BURGLARIZED, sorry....apparently there is a difference. But yeah, it was after close so there was nobody there so that was good, but anyway the state police are investigating and all, and they're going around interviewing everybody to see what's up. So the cop came to my house the other morning to interview me, and I didn't work at all that day, and I have no ideas on it one way or the other, and he's asking if this one other employee (who is the major suspect appparently) has said anything incriminating lately, and I'm like, I don't know, good god....I'm only THE MOST oblivious person you're ever likely to meet. Like I'd pick up on it even if the person did say anything. Right. But yeah, so I have to write a statement about whatever I know, and I'm like wtf, I don't know anything....ack....

So yeah, meanwhile back at the ranch....

I went on a college visit yesterday and today. It was kind of boring. Kinda fun though. I dunno. All these colleges are starting to kind of blend together.....@.@ I think I'll just go be homeless and live on welfare for the rest of my life. ack...

Alrighty well that's pretty much it for now....later!

Thursday, November 3, 2005

two totally unrelated items

So yeah, okay, I haven't done a journal in a few days, and I'm bored, so here goes.....

Item one: This girl at work, Melissa, is trying to save my soul. Yep, you heard me; the poor dear is convinced that the devil has led me astray and is trying her damndest to turn me from my sinful ways; it's a futile effort, and I almost feel kind of bad for her. I've become her little "project" of sorts; every time we work together, the subject invariably comes up, and she's invited me to church with her at least a couple of times, and I want to tell her, "Don't waste your time sweetie, this is one little black sheep you're not getting back," but she just won't give up. Persistent, that one. Ah well, at least she's nice about it. She hasn't actually come right out and said, "You're going to hell," which is more than I can say for some people. Oh well, at least she doesn't listen to rap 24/7 and think she's ghetto like Josh.....ack.....

Item two:....oy....alright, break out the training bras and the Spice Girls CDs, I'm reverting to teeny-bopper-ness. Yes, that is right, I have a teacher-crush. ARGH....the word feels icky just typing it! I mean honestly, I could understand little twelve-year-old girls, if they have a hot teacher, getting a bit hot under the collar, but a SENIOR? For gods sakes, I thought we were beyond this. NO, I can't have a teacher-crush in fifth grade like NORMAL people, never had one before in my life, and that is the truth. Yes, as frosh my pallies and I commented on Wolfie's (the gym teacher's) nice legs, because he HAD nice legs, but that was not a crush, it was a passing appreciation for that particular feature. This thing, though small, is a crush. And it's not even a particularly hot teacher either.....I mean, not a BAD-looking one, but probably not what one would consider smashing good looks either. Just very nice....funny.....easy to talk to.....wait, stop stop STOP I am NOT doing this I am NOT entertaining this ridiculous notion....oh good god.....but then again, what's the harm in it, honestly---it's not like anything's ever going to come of it, I'm not that stupid....*sigh*....oh god how pathetic am I?