Tuesday, September 27, 2005


(that means shit, for all you non-spanish speakers out there)

A new best friend, probably female, though male applications will be accepted as well. Applicants must have good listening skills and be dependable, emotionally available, quirky, and possess a goofy, ridiculous, absurd, random, and still intelligent sense of humor. Non-conformity is a must; a tendency towards liberal political leanings is a big plus. Conspiracy buffs welcome. Applicants should possess a good sense of reality, but also the ability to ignore it at any given time. Hugs required. Selfish, spoiled people, those with extremely conservative views and/or evangelical tendencies, and no-touch people need not apply.

I had a sucky day Sunday. I hate my life. Somebody please remind me how to make it fun again.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Did you ever wonder if everybody in the whole world is just a figment of your imagination? Like in The Matrix, except without the robots and the dumb ending. But it's kind of a weird idea, don't you think? I mean, could you ever really prove it's not true? Maybe you're crazy and you created this whole world out of nothing and everybody in it only exists in your mind! Okay, yeah, I've been obsessing over this way too much today. I've really nothing at all to write about, I just thought I'd share my insane thought wanderings with you all, in case you care. Whatever. I'm going now. Just remember, the complete lack of evidence is the surest sign the conspiracy is working!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

the tres pathetique situation of my life

Yeah, totally don't speak French, so if that title's wrong, well, whatever. You'll get over it.

So anyway, I just discovered that there's this nifty little journal-y feature thing on here where you can write random shit and people can read it....fancy....so yeah, I have nothing interesting to write about. Life is dull right now. I bet everyone says that. But it's true. The only things I have worth living for right now are.....yeah, okay, can't think of anything. How pathetic is that? It's a good thing I'm not suicidal, or I'd be in trouble. Alrighty well I'm gonna go discover the meaning of life, or something like that....if I figure anything out in that regard I'll let you all know. Later!